Thinking ahead intelligently


Automated guided vehicles (AGVs) and automated guided vehicle systems (AGVSs) play a major role in increasing the flexibility of production and logistics processes. Used individually or in groups, these mobile helpers are the technical pioneers of cyber-physical production systems in the Industry 4.0 and Smart Factory framework – with the AGVs driving and working autonomously and AGVSs serving as self-organizing and self-optimizing units.   Continue reading

Fit for mobile automation – encoders from SICK



Wanna bet that … you can use an excavator shovel to place the tone arm of a record player precisely between two songs on a record, or hang up six socks with two excavators in the space of four minutes? Yes, you can. Several candidates on the German TV show “Wetten, dass..?” (“Wanna bet?”) won their bets thanks to their skills with an excavator. But what these clever contestants tried out for fun – namely operating a commercial vehicle with high precision – is now an established automated process in agriculture and forestry, road construction, mining, etc.   Continue reading

Safety Solutions: Keeping automated guided vehicles and systems safely on the move

Heading towards the future


In many industries, automated guided vehicles and vehicle systems are making production and logistics processes more flexible. When these vehicles have to be controlled with greater efficiency and precision SICK has exactly the right sensor solutions – however complex they might be. They also meet every requirement when it comes to providing protection in line with standards, protect people against accidents, and help prevent collisions – which in turn keep goods and equipment protected.   Continue reading

Determining the positions of scenery parts

SICK helps Billy Elliot take flight


Dutch production company Stage Entertainment continues its successful series, earning three musical prizes for “Billy Elliot – The Musical”. Silicon Theatre Scenery (STS), based in De Kwakel, Netherlands and the company put in charge of the theater equipment, also contributed to this success. The showpiece of STS is called “Hempy”. “This is the machine that allows Billy Elliot to fly while dancing. Encoders and motor feedback systems from SICK determine, check and monitor the position of all the scenery parts and lifting/lowering equipment. Continue reading

Storage and conveyor

Storage capacity doubled, handling performance boosted

Teaser_Bossard_2 Video abspielen

With twice the storage capacity achieved, handling performance given a boost, and supply and delivery reliability assured, Bossard AG‘s expanded logistics center in the Swiss city of Zug is keeping the company primed to meet its ambitious growth targets. Bar code scanners, photoelectric sensors, encoders, and distance sensors from SICK – all tried and tested by logisticians – are the key to the seamless operation of the fully automatic storage and conveyor technology. Continue reading