Extractive dust measuring systems ready for China

Environmental Measurement Technology from SICK Certified for China

teaser China Certification

The China Association of Environmental Protection Industry (CAEPI) has certified SICK products such as the extractive dust measuring systems of the FWE200 product family according to the Chinese requirements. CAEPI audits and certifies the quality standards of manufacturers and the product quality.   Continue reading

Measurement Technology that's on your side

New master plan for mercury emissions from large combustion plants


The impending updates to the BREF documents have indicated that mercury emissions from large combustion plants will soon have to be reduced dramatically. However, a reliable measurement solution is already ready and waiting with a certified measuring range from 0 to 10 μg/m³ of mercury. The MERCEM300Z by SICK. Continue reading

Anaysis measurement technology

Safe technology for measuring the concentration of hydrocarbons


You need a measurement expert if you want to take safe and accurate measurements of the concentration of hydrocarbons during production processes. The flame ionization detector has proved to be a successful solution in analysis measurement technology. SICK’s FID devices measure the total quantity of hydrocarbons when monitoring emissions or play a direct role in the process by acting as a gas warning device. SICK is currently the only manufacturer that meets the requirements set out in EN 50271 for measuring the lower explosive limit in air that contains solvents. This is a very important point as companies are required to adhere to legal requirements for explosion prevention and occupational safety at all times. And not forgetting environmental requirements, too. Continue reading

Greenhouse gas measurement

Measuring rather than calculating: Efficient greenhouse gas measurement directly in the stack


Emissions trading requires facilities that generate greenhouse gases to take their own measurements and draw up reports concerning the volume of emissions that they produce. The EU directive that took effect at the beginning of 2013 saw the introduction of more stringent requirements when it comes to the accuracy of these measurements. The measurement uncertainty for high quantities of emissions must be below 2.5%. Vantaan Energia, an energy supplier based in Finland, has found a solution to this challenge thanks to the GHG-Control greenhouse gas measuring system by SICK. Continue reading