Intelligent measurement technology at every step of the process

Measurements for added quality


A consistently high level of quality among parts and components can only be guaranteed if you regularly check results with measurements. These thorough checks are carried out using a wide array of methods, for example outside of the process by removing sample parts and conducting a mechanical check or by using measurement tools that are integrated directly into the production process. This is precisely the area where optical measuring sensors can show off their strengths. Continue reading

Safe human-machine collaboration

Mobile robot tests dishwashers in continuous operation

Fraunhofer-Roboter-Geschirrspueler_Teaser Video abspielen

Open the door, load the dirty dishes, add detergent, and restart the cycle: dishwashers have to complete hundreds of challenging test cycles before they can be relied upon to perform in day-to-day operation. To make things easier for the personnel carrying out these tests, a new mobile robot system was developed at the Fraunhofer IPA on behalf of Bosch und Siemens Hausgeräte (BSH). The robot takes over all aspects of operating the machine. One of the focal points was user safety: the safety concept includes the use of laser scanners to protect the working area while allowing the robot’s hand to be inserted with the help of an enable switch. Continue reading

Electroplating facility at Varioprint AG

Level measurement for bubbling, spattering media

52 dip tanks with 80 approach positions fed by three automatic carriages. That’s exactly what printed circuit board specialist Varioprint AG based in Heiden, Switzerland, has been benefitting from in recent months thanks to its new, ultramodern electroplating facility. What’s more, the fully automated concept boasts two perfectly integrated key features: UP56 ultrasonic level sensors for level measurement and C4000 safety light curtains for area protection. Continue reading

distance sensors | measuring

Cable twisting at Komax: Automatic quality control with distance sensors

Cable twister Komax

,In semiautomatic cable twisters of the Komax Wire Company several wires were twisted into a more compact strand. Twisting has the benefit of preventing the transmission of interference pulses into the wires, e.g. in the case of airbag cables or bus systems. The DL50 Hi distance sensor makes sure that the correct cable lengths are used and that the length of the twisted wire can be monitored continuously. Continue reading