Sensor technology for electric arc furnaces

Who analyzes wins

SICK supplies sensor solutions for almost every possible application in the metal and steel sector, even in the world of analytical measuring. The company’s latest innovation is METPAX300, a customized analyzer system which measures exhaust gas emissions from electric arc furnaces.   Continue reading

Optimizing manufacturing processes

Steel industry: Melting costs, protecting the environment

When it comes to achieving climate protection objectives or making fundamental improvements to our operational performance, there are many aspects to analyze and evaluate. The approaches to this are particularly wide-ranging within the manufacturing industry, e.g. the steel industry. It’s not simply a question of reducing emissions. The efficient use of energy, materials and substances, water consumption, increasing waste and wastewater, and stresses on the ground all provide scope for economic opportunities. SICK’s intelligent sensors provide support at various measuring points in a wide range of production processes. Continue reading