Safety Solutions: Keeping automated guided vehicles and systems safely on the move

Heading towards the future

In many industries, automated guided vehicles and vehicle systems are making production and logistics processes more flexible. When these vehicles have to be controlled with greater efficiency and precision SICK has exactly the right sensor solutions – however complex they might be. They also meet every requirement when it comes to providing protection in line with standards, protect people against accidents, and help prevent collisions – which in turn keep goods and equipment protected.   Continue reading

Storage and conveyor

Storage capacity doubled, handling performance boosted

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With twice the storage capacity achieved, handling performance given a boost, and supply and delivery reliability assured, Bossard AG‘s expanded logistics center in the Swiss city of Zug is keeping the company primed to meet its ambitious growth targets. Bar code scanners, photoelectric sensors, encoders, and distance sensors from SICK – all tried and tested by logisticians – are the key to the seamless operation of the fully automatic storage and conveyor technology. Continue reading

Better and faster packaging processes for foil rolls

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At its Apeldoorn site in the Netherlands, the Loparex Group – which operates around the world – manufactures top-quality foils for the medical, graphics, and composite materials markets, to name a few. To optimize its foil packaging processes,  made the decision to integrate the transport and packaging solution from Nedpack. The plant and machinery construction company based in Harderwijk in the Netherlands relies on SICK sensors in tasks involving detection, measuring, identification, and safety. Continue reading

Water protection

Fighting water contamination effectively


In industrial systems or chemical parks, organic substances can enter these wage systems or surface water during filling processes or repairs. To prevent this, waste water must be reliably inspected for contamination before it enters rivers or seas. How does it work? Continue reading

Distance sensors in intralogistics

Positioning storage and retrieval devices accurate to a millimeter

With respect to long travel distances of aisle stackers in conjunction with safe speed monitoring, it is essential to ensure steady, fast, and above all, low-noise output of measured values to the controller. No problem for the DL100 Pro distance sensors which are used on the storage and retrieval devices at TGW Logistics Group. Continue reading