Fieldbus module for fiber-optic sensors and distance sensors

Bus traffic on the information superhighway

At SICK, sensor data travels by bus: Fiber-optic sensors and distance sensors are connected to a WI180C-PB fieldbus module and integrated in PROFIBUS systems. The communication module enables quick access to the individual sensors and transfers their data to the control system. In automated processes, the module optimizes the transfer of parameters and the integration of the sensors into the machine network. In this way, the WI180C-PB plays a key role in ensuring fast communication between the control system and the sensors in machines and plants. Continue reading

Dx1000 long range distance sensor from SICK

Great performance at great distance

The new Dx1000 long range distance sensor from SICK features extreme versatility in any application and enables distance measurements with high measurement reliability, even in the presence of ambient light, rain, snow, and fog. With its infrared measurement laser, it is perfect for use on cranes, detecting vehicles in traffic applications, and measuring hot steel slabs in a steel mill. It excels at object tracking and quickly detecting the edges of objects moved in from the side. With measurement cycle times of down to one millisecond, Dx1000 is ideal for use in control loops.   Continue reading

Automated loading and unloading of trucks

Flexible loading system saves time at PepsiCo

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Where there used to be manned forklift trucks driving about loading truck trailers with boxes of chips, the new Joloda loading system pushes 42 pallets into an extra-long truck in one fully automated operation. Time saved: An entire 30 minutes. The new “Flat Floor Trailerskate Dock” flexible loading system is the result of close collaboration between Joloda, the loading specialist, PepsiCo, the food group, Kühne + Nagel, the logistics provider, and Heiwo, the truck manufacturer. Installed as standard: Sensor Intelligence from SICK.   Continue reading