Displacement measurement sensors: Custom quality

The ultimate inspection authority and guarantor of quality for every stage of the process

Within the electronics industry, quality and precision are key factors when it comes to intelligent production concepts: The only way to ensure high levels of quality – from the individual components right through to the end product – is to keep tabs on the value creation process by continuously evaluating measurement results. Optical measurement technology from SICK combines precision and quality in one – by offering measuring instruments that are integrated directly into the production process. In an industry where high measurement accuracy is required in conjunction with short sensing ranges and the tiniest of objects, displacement measurement sensors are really able to show their strengths. Continue reading

Inspection of magnesium bricks with 3D vision technology from SICK

Quality control without downtime

Producers of building materials want to ensure that their products are of the highest quality possible, and in the production of special bricks for blast furnaces – which are particularly susceptible to surface damage – being able to carry out quality control during the production process is indispensable. A system has been developed in the Czech Republic, where bricks are scanned during transport on conveyor belts. As part of this scan, 3D vision sensors from SICK create 3D models of each individual brick. The 3D models can be used to determine the precise dimensions of the brick and the extent of its damage. Continue reading

ETHERCAT® INTERFACE simplifies Integration of wire draw encoders

Perfect test stand precision

The Langenthal-based company Nencki AG is very meticulous when it comes to their bogie test stands. By using BTF08 HighLine wire draw encoders with an EtherCAT® interface and OD displacement measurement sensors, they can ensure that test criteria such as suspension stroke and wheel shoulder distance can be measured with absolute precision during final testing. Continue reading

Intelligent measurement technology at every step of the process

Measurements for added quality


A consistently high level of quality among parts and components can only be guaranteed if you regularly check results with measurements. These thorough checks are carried out using a wide array of methods, for example outside of the process by removing sample parts and conducting a mechanical check or by using measurement tools that are integrated directly into the production process. This is precisely the area where optical measuring sensors can show off their strengths. Continue reading