No chance for the thieves


Automobile and commercial vehicle manufacturers and dealers park new vehicles on large lots. In the past, thieves have used this opportunity to steal catalytic converters and other components from the new vehicles or to commit vandalism. Since the manufacturers and dealers incur considerable costs from this, they look for a solution to secure the lots. An outdoor monitoring system from LASE PeCo can provide for unbeatable security thanks to the absolutely precise measuring performance of the LD-LRS 2D laser scanners from SICK.   Continue reading

Detection and ranging solutions

Getting the green light for greenhouse safety


The days when Combat, a company from the Dutch city of Venlo, concentrated solely on carwash facilities have long since passed. Over the years, company directors Gerard Kerstjens and John Teunissen have transferred their knowledge to the fields of mechanical engineering and systems planning. One of their recently completed projects is the development and completion of safety devices for the AGVs used by horticultural company West Plant Group in Venlo. What’s more, SICK’s 2D laser scanners played a prominent role in this project. Continue reading

Laser scanner support crane operators

Prevention of collisions when loading and unloading in ports

Loading and unloading in ports is constantly fast paced, while at the same time, safety is the highest priority. Preventing collisions with ship parts by monitoring port cranes can be particularly challenging, and accidents of this kind often cost several hundred thousands of euros. APM Terminals in Zeebrugge, Belgium wanted to mitigate the risk of such occurrences. Continue reading

Navigation scanners

Automated guidance made easy


Automated guided vehicles (AGVs) are used for moving materials and equipment, and operate without a driver on board. Using an automatic control system, they supply product lines and transport goods between different production areas. The Brazilian AGV specialist SINOVA opted for navigation scanners from SICK with which e.g the route of the vehicles can be changed easily and flexibly. Continue reading

Automated parking systems

Skyline Parking: fully automated vehicle parking and retrieval within one minute

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With the construction of the most advanced car tower in Switzerland, the Züri West car dealership in Schlieren can now offer its customers a very special shopping experience. At the press of a button, the vehicles appear in the showroom within a single minute, are delivered when purchased and are always shiny and clean thanks to the integrated washing facility. The centerpiece is a fully automated robotic lift, equipped with sensors from SICK. Continue reading