Green efficiency

Navigating crop robots with 2D laser scanners

teaser Pflazenroboter

How can we harness modern technology in a way that will allow people to collaborate with business even more intelligently, efficiently, and sustainably in the future? SICK has applied 2D laser scanners to crop robots in order to assist a scientific project at Wageningen University and Research Centre. Continue reading


KhorFakkan Port equipped with new advanced object detection

Khor Fakkan

Gulftainer Company Limited was established in 1976 in the Emirate of Sharjah in the United Arab Emirates. The company’s primary role is to manage and operate the container terminals in Port Khalid and KhorFakkan on behalf of Sharjah Port Authority. The Port of KhorFakkan, United Arab Emirates, is the Indian Ocean location of one of Gulftainer’s UAE-based container terminals (KhorFakkan Container Terminal, KCT). KCT is operating 20 ship-to-shore quay cranes to load and unload containers from the shipping vessels. Due to the high costs for the anchoring time for vessels, any docking interruptions or offloading delays must be prevented, because time is pure money. Continue reading