Speedy changeovers and quick product swaps


The customer of today expects to be able to order a product that meets his exact needs and wishes. He mixes his own muesli. He picks his favorite chocolates for his chocolate box. He designs his own label for his champagne. He wants shoes that fit his feet exactly, in his favorite material and color. All of these options will affect the packaging process.    Continue reading

Packaging machines for tea bags

This is how tea should taste


Tea with a pure, natural taste: That is every tea drinker’s dream. And now, thanks to the Italian company TEAMAC, that dream can become reality. The machine manufacturer provides environmentally friendly packaging solutions for tea, which preserve the natural, unadulterated flavor of the beverage. All of the sensor technology in the packaging machines is supplied by SICK. Continue reading

Logistically optimized

Clicked quickly: G6 photoelectric sensor with innovative connectivity

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Compact design, faultless sensor performance, and clever connectivity – with these properties, the G6 miniature photoelectric sensor is the convincing choice for intralogistic modules and systems. In conjunction with Interroll, one of the world’s leading specialists in intralogistics, SICK has developed a quick-clip system, which allows the G6 to be mounted in seconds without any tools. Continue reading

Miniature photoelectric sensors monitor in- and out feed units

Innovative horizontal accumulator with W4 Inox in washdown-design

Polyketting W4 Inox

With the new horizontal accumulator the Netherlands based conveyor system manufacturer Polyketting is bringing about a miniature revolution in the industry. Now even bottles, other totes and packages with complex instable bottom structures can be accumulated without any problems. “The in- and out feed units do not only guide the products, but guarantee also that the process runs smoothly. As a result, the number of faults stays at zero,” says Commercial Director Henk-Jan Visser. SICK’s W4 Inox miniature photoelectric sensors are used to monitor these processes, as well as for other purposes. Continue reading

Automated parking systems

Skyline Parking: fully automated vehicle parking and retrieval within one minute

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With the construction of the most advanced car tower in Switzerland, the Züri West car dealership in Schlieren can now offer its customers a very special shopping experience. At the press of a button, the vehicles appear in the showroom within a single minute, are delivered when purchased and are always shiny and clean thanks to the integrated washing facility. The centerpiece is a fully automated robotic lift, equipped with sensors from SICK. Continue reading