The new era of contrast sensors from SICK

KTS and KTX: more than just print mark sensors

Where most of the contrast sensors reach their limits, the KTS and KTX offer more applications, more areas of use, more flexibility. They incorporate more than just the reliability and availability of contrast sensors from the market and technology leader: TwinEye-Technology®, multifunctional display, integrated job memory and the combination of contrast and color sensor technology. Continue reading

Contrast and more

Flexible adjustment is everything

With the latest trends for smaller production runs leading to customized mass-produced items and therefore a higher frequency of job-changing, an adaptive packaging machine must be able to cope with an irregular product infeed, while also being able to adjust to different formats. This adaptation is made possible with sensors and actuators. All packaging shapes and sizes are possible with just one machine. Continue reading

Moving rapidly from pattern detection to precise position identification

Greater flexibility with the pattern sensor

The PS30 pattern sensor, with its enormous flexibility, responds to trends in the packaging industry toward ever more complex and unusual labels. Offering unrestricted design freedom, the PS30 impresses not only when used on endless tracks – it also delivers outstanding results when detecting patterns on individual objects. The sensor detects and positions labels and any objects with a distinctive pattern reliably without print marks. Even without this unwanted design factor, the PS30 knows when an endless track needs to be cut into the roll-fed labeling or whether a package or tube is in the right position for sealing. Continue reading

Packaging machines for tea bags

This is how tea should taste


Tea with a pure, natural taste: That is every tea drinker’s dream. And now, thanks to the Italian company TEAMAC, that dream can become reality. The machine manufacturer provides environmentally friendly packaging solutions for tea, which preserve the natural, unadulterated flavor of the beverage. All of the sensor technology in the packaging machines is supplied by SICK. Continue reading

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BouMatic milking robots with sensors from SICK: “the cows can decide for themselves when they want to be milked”

BouMatic Melkroboter

There is not a farmer in sight in the Van Aart family’s barn. Yet the cows are still standing in line to be milked. Ever since the two MR-S1 milking robots arrived from BouMatic Robotics in Emmeloord, the cows can be milked whenever they like. And the farmer? He pops in twice a day to refill the feed or clean the robots, for example, but otherwise this part of the farm runs without him having to do anything. SICK sensors are keeping an eye on things.   Continue reading