SICK sensor solutions: Making sure the contents actually match the label

The perfect way to monitor labels for vegetable oils and fats


Every amateur cook knows that you have to use the right oil and fat for optimum results. As well as having basic cooking skills, the cook needs to know that an oil bottle or packet of cooking fat actually contains what it says on the label. Florin, a company based in Muttenz, provides certainty in this regard thanks to vision sensors, photoelectric sensors and bar code readers from SICK.   Continue reading

building management

Customer service without risk of collisions: Monitoring of automatic doors by sensors at Schmolck car dealership

Autohaus Schmolck Tor- und Türabsicherung

Whether in the service check-in for passenger cars or trucks – every day, numerous automobiles pass the automatic doors at the vehicle centers of the Schmolck car dealership. Sensors from SICK make sure that the doors can be opened and closed safely and without collisions. Car dealerships, however are not the only ones that require monitoring of automatic doors – SICK also solves nearly identical tasks at shipping companies, logistics centers, car fleets, and parkades. Continue reading