All-in one quality control solution for tire production

Powerful image processing: for added quality and added efficiency

Manufacturing a tire requires over one hundred individual steps and a wide array of components – a complex process with high standards when it comes to quality and safety. Careful testing is absolutely essential as any undetected quality issues often result in complaints – which in turn result in added costs and potential damage to the tire manufacturer’s image. Thanks to powerful, industrial image processing technology in the form of IRIS-M, SICK offers companies a tailor-made system solution for designing cost-efficient quality control processes.   Continue reading

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Fast and precise detection of control marks: Register sensor RS25 with real-time Ethernet POWERLINK fieldbus

Register-Sensor RS25

Register sensors such as the RS25 from SICK are capable of detecting control marks printed on paper webs at full production speed. If a sensor detects that the colors do not line up exactly on top of one another, whether lengthwise or sideways, this information is used for automatically correcting printouts, for example. ATEX approval means that the RS25 is suitable for use explosion areas. And with the real-time Ethernet POWERLINK fieldbus the new RS25 register sensor is incredibly fast and precise. Continue reading