Packaging machines for tea bags

This is how tea should taste


Tea with a pure, natural taste: That is every tea drinker’s dream. And now, thanks to the Italian company TEAMAC, that dream can become reality. The machine manufacturer provides environmentally friendly packaging solutions for tea, which preserve the natural, unadulterated flavor of the beverage. All of the sensor technology in the packaging machines is supplied by SICK. Continue reading

One housing, three technologies

Keeping pace with rapid development

Innovation cycles in the electronics industry are getting shorter all the time: Something that was considered an ultra- modern flat-screen TV is already seen as a whopper just a short time later. The production facilities must be capable of rapid and reliable operation. These requirements also apply to the sensors used in the machines: glass, reflective surfaces, transparent materials, or materials with minimum remission – reliable detection with sensors whose compact design ideally enables them to be integrated into the machine design with ease are the order of the day. SICK has packaged three different technologies in one rugged miniature housing that is hardly as big as a lump of sugar. The result: versatility in use for many different industries Continue reading

Proximity sensors

CQ4: object recognition and fill level monitoring in miniature housing that is barely the size of a sugar cube


Following its success with the photoelectric sensors from the W4 product family and the UC4 ultrasonic sensors, SICK has now packaged the capacitive operating principle in a rugged miniature housing that is barely the size of a sugar cube. The result is the CQ4: a 100 Hz, space-saving, reliable and user friendly sensor for the safe detection of a wide range of objects and materials. Continue reading

Proximity sensors

Versatile, robust, and economical: Capacitive proximity sensors

The product family of capacitive proximity sensors from SICK delivers convincing performance in harsh everyday operations. If the application setting is heavily contaminated with dust or detection must take place through a wall, the capacitive active principle often provides the decisive advantage. The capacitive proximity sensors ideally complement the product portfolio for factory automation. Continue reading