Vision technology for Track and Trace Systems

Reliable Technology for Tracking Flight Baggage

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Rising passenger figures are a major challenge for airlines, ground handlers, and baggage handling system operators. After all, more passengers also means more baggage which has to be logged, sorted, and traced. If the right track and trace systems and suitable identification technology are employed, operators can achieve reliable identification and, as a result, high throughput. Continue reading

Can read everything, even the hearts and minds of customers

New image-based code reader LECTOR®65x


Time for some real talent to step up to the line: SICK completes its portfolio of identification solutions for long reading distance in logistics and factory automation, laser scanners, line cameras, RFID systems, and – the recent novelty – the high-resolution LECTOR®65x matrix camera. Continue reading

Warehouse and Distribution

BAUR Versand relies on SICK auto ID solutions

Baur Video

BAUR Versand, an Otto Group mail order company, has dramatically increased the capacity of its Altenkunstadt site as a result of the implementation of a cross-corporate logistics optimization project. Auto ID systems from SICK are now used in most of the numerous new and modernized conveyor and sorter facilities in the distribution center and the parcel hub. In addition, BAUR relies primarily on sensors from SICK for a vast array of conveyor belt control tasks. Continue reading