Versatile laser scanner makes affordable elevators a reality

Small sensor for great freedom under the cab


With its latest solution – a shaftless platform lift – Ascendor is offering an affordable elevator model for private households. Rugged laser sensors from SICK protect the freely accessible area under the cab. With the TiM3xx, SICK offers a configurable sensor which is exceptionally light and efficient. This “mini” sensor is one of the most compact 2D laser scanners on the market and features a design fully suited to industrial applications, meaning it is rugged and resistant to environmental influences.   Continue reading


Storing goods securely before distribution


As a secure shipper in accordance with the German Aviation Security Act, a company that sends air freight to the USA must protect the goods from being accessed by unauthorized parties. As a non-certified shipper, the goods must be X-rayed, which means extra costs and time expenditure. An intrusion or manipulation can cause a huge amount of damage for the company. The company’s deliverability would be limited, which would be detrimental to its relationships with its customers. In a Southern Baden distribution center, Siemens is using a fence and facade security system, which works using SICK sensor technology, for exactly this purpose. Continue reading

Inspection of underground sewage systems

In the footsteps of the “Third Man”: 2D laser scanners go underground

Pilotprojekt Hongkong_LMS_1_teaser

Chasing the bad guy through Vienna’s sewer system in the famous 1949 movie “The Third Man” may have been a good plot then; today’s municipalities face a more subtle threat: the deterioration of aging sewage systems. The Canadian enterprise AquaCoustic Inc. uses SICK’s LMS111 outdoor 2D laser scanners to check sewers for damage and to map infrastructures built long before the digital age. Continue reading

Virtual reality classic route

Iedereen Flandrien classic cycling route retraced with home trainer

Iedereen Flandrien

Imagine traveling down one of the major classic routes on the bicycle owned by Belgian legend Albéric “Briek” Schotte – the ledereen Flandrien expo will make this dream a reality for cycling fanatics. Visitors can even compete against one another and give it their all on virtual reality trainers at six different stations. But who will win? RFID technology from SICK will determine the victor. Continue reading

Building security

Building safety and security: Effective solutions for protecting buildings, property, and material assets


When public and industrial buildings or private houses need to be secured against intrusions, jailbreak, theft, vandalism or terrorism, structural measures or protection by security guards often has its limits. Making additional use of electric or electronic protective devices is, therefore, a sensible idea. SICK provides a  diverse range of effective solutions for protecting buildings, property, and  material assets. Continue reading