Customized solution for MULTIVAC

Clean and safe: the real packaging challenge


The L29 single-beam photoelectric safety switch, developed especially for the packaging manufacturer MULTIVAC, stops dangerous movements safely if someone reaches into the forming station in a thermoforming packaging machine. Together with MULTIVAC, SICK has also developed custom solutions such as inductive proximity sensors, fork sensors, photoelectric retro-reflective sensors for transparent objects, encoders, and much more for packaging machines used in the food industry. Continue reading

Customized solution in packaging machines

Reliable in series: WTB12-3 in top loading machine solutions of Schubert


Thanks to their consistently modular machine concept, the top-loading machines produced by Schubert in Crailsheim, Germany, are among the most flexible solutions of their type. Despite the functions are so versatile, Schubert is able to solve 90% of all detection tasks with just three of SICK’s sensor ranges, including the specially for Schubert modified WTB12-3 proximity sensor with integrated self-monitoring. Continue reading

Automation light grids

New MLG-2 automation light grid: No more compromises, simply more detection


MLG-2 is the new generation of intelligent automation light grids from SICK. The product family sets a new standard in terms of resolutions, response times, evaluation options and ease of use. The MLG-2 can detect anything, from transparent or small objects to fast-moving ones, even when there is hardly anything to detect at all. The light grid, which is currently available in two variants, adapts to different automation requirements, focusing on quick commissioning and simple operation. Continue reading

photoelectric sensors

See ultra-black in the dark: New W2S-2 photoelectric sensor from SICK

W2S_2_Teaser Video abspielen

Even things “not graspable” are now detected reliably: Infrablack object with only 1 % diffuse light reflection can be detected dependably at a range of up to 50 mm. Innovative technologies constitute the best copy protection – and the new subminiature W2S-2 photoelectric sensor boasts plenty of those.  The new LED technology PinPoint 2.0 from SICK is 2.5 times more light-intensive than the previous PinPoint LEDs, ensuring even better switching precision and repeat accuracy. Continue reading