Logistics conference

Day of Logistics Innovations from SICK: Secure air freight with a “known shipper”

The Waldkirch-based sensor manufacturer SICK has now held its Day of Logistics Innovations for the fourth time since the event began. This year’s event took place at Frankfurt Airport and not only looked at the latest solutions for efficient baggage handling, but also placed a key focus on establishing a secure supply chain and achieving “known shipper” certification. Continue reading


Aircrafts parking position on a dime with 2d laser scanner LD-OEM

Saving time and fuel as well as stopping at the gate quickly and safely are the most important benefits offered by the optical aircraft docking systems by FMT Aircraft Gate Support Systems AB. The Swedish company develops and produces passenger boarding bridges, visual docking, information, and management systems for airports. LD-OEM 2d laser scanner from SICK ensure that aircraft accomplish precision landings not only on the runway but also in front of the passenger bridges at the gate. Continue reading