Detection and ranging solutions

Getting the green light for greenhouse safety


The days when Combat, a company from the Dutch city of Venlo, concentrated solely on carwash facilities have long since passed. Over the years, company directors Gerard Kerstjens and John Teunissen have transferred their knowledge to the fields of mechanical engineering and systems planning. One of their recently completed projects is the development and completion of safety devices for the AGVs used by horticultural company West Plant Group in Venlo. What’s more, SICK’s 2D laser scanners played a prominent role in this project. Continue reading

Navigation scanners

Automated guidance made easy


Automated guided vehicles (AGVs) are used for moving materials and equipment, and operate without a driver on board. Using an automatic control system, they supply product lines and transport goods between different production areas. The Brazilian AGV specialist SINOVA opted for navigation scanners from SICK with which e.g the route of the vehicles can be changed easily and flexibly. Continue reading

sens:Control – safe control solutions

Man-machine-interaction: Safe drive monitoring with the Drive Monitor

Drive Monitor

As the trend towards ever more powerful machines continues, ways of protecting them are also in need of constant development. Safe movement monitoring helps to keep risks to a minimum, as it not only enables mobile applications such as automated guided systems to be made more efficient, but even stationary applications, too. As part of the “Motion Control” range, SICK offers safety products that monitor the safety of machine movements. The latest member of this product family is the new drive monitor module, which offers even more flexible, high-performance drive monitoring that allows the operator to reach into the machine at reduced risk without having to switch it off. Continue reading