Programming solutions for encoders: quickly adjusted, intelligently evaluated

Virtually all system operators need to operate machines efficiently even when batch sizes are small, when products and formats need to be changed frequently, or when packaging varies in terms of design and size. A key part of meeting this requirement is encoders, which can be adapted quickly and easily to the specific requirement at hand. Thanks to additional intelligent functions and the suitable communication interfaces, all relevant data for diagnostics and for monitoring the entire system is also analyzed and transmitted directly in the encoder, including visualization. Continue reading

Visualization for much easier commissioning,retrofitting, and monitoring

Switch to the encoder at the click of a mouse


The future of the industry is characterized by a marked individualization of products in the context of highly flexible large-volume production. This trend is being spurred on by intelligent monitoring and decision-making processes that companies and entire value-added-chain networks can control and optimize virtually in real time. Encoders with Ethernet-based fieldbus interfaces are already easy to configure and come complete with a range of diagnostic functions. Continue reading

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BouMatic milking robots with sensors from SICK: “the cows can decide for themselves when they want to be milked”

BouMatic Melkroboter

There is not a farmer in sight in the Van Aart family’s barn. Yet the cows are still standing in line to be milked. Ever since the two MR-S1 milking robots arrived from BouMatic Robotics in Emmeloord, the cows can be milked whenever they like. And the farmer? He pops in twice a day to refill the feed or clean the robots, for example, but otherwise this part of the farm runs without him having to do anything. SICK sensors are keeping an eye on things.   Continue reading