Driver assistance systems based on 3D LiDAR sensors (also 3D laser scanners) or 3D vision sensors from SICK reliably detect blind zones around mobile machines and warn the operator of potential sources of danger or accidents in good time. Beside intelligent 3D assistance systems with the Visionary-B 3D vision sensor, the MRS1000 3D LiDAR sensor provides navigation and maneuvering support. Continue reading

Configurable stand-alone vision sensor for 3D inspections

TriSpector: 3D image processing, intuitive operation

Powerful technology, easy commissioning, intuitive operation: With the TriSpector1000, the benefits of 3D vision really are at your fingertips. Integrated image analysis makes configuration easy. And the TriSpector1000 literally has a mind of its own. Integrated data processing power lets it easily find, count and position objects, measure volume and object rotation, and acquire intensity data for label detection. Continue reading


How 3D smart cameras are helping at Ford Germany to assembly fenders, trunk lids and hoods accurately

In setting up assembly line production, one hundred years ago Henry Ford established the basis for industrial mass production of vehicles. The prerequisite was continually recurring work processes and identical parts. Today, it is above all robots that take on these activities in body shell production and assembly lines. At Ford Germany, the Borrmann Company equipped one assembly line for fenders, trunk lids, and hoods with eight IVC-3D smart cameras from SICK. The cameras serve to determine exactly the screwing positions subsequently used for robot vision guidance. Continue reading


Food inspection with 3D color cameras Ranger E

When it comes to foods, consumers primarily perceive the shape and color of the products as important indicators of quality. Broken cookies, missing frostings, or baking produce showing excessive browning – perhaps even in combination – suggest flaws in the production process. In their efforts to deliver only impeccable, high-quality goods to retail stores, a growing number of producers rely on inline inspections of shape and color using the ColorRanger E 3D color camera. Continue reading

Position determination

Robotics to cleanup our community and environment

Market demand for a low cost, high-volume community-wide bin cleaning service drove the need for innovation. FreshBins’ vision involved deploying an industrial robot mounted on a truck to automate the bin pickup process. Putting robots on a truck to automate the process of collecting and cleaning commercial and domestic rubbish bins required innovation to locate the target bins in various open air environments. Continue reading