All-in one quality control solution for tire production

Powerful image processing: for added quality and added efficiency


Manufacturing a tire requires over one hundred individual steps and a wide array of components – a complex process with high standards when it comes to quality and safety. Careful testing is absolutely essential as any undetected quality issues often result in complaints – which in turn result in added costs and potential damage to the tire manufacturer’s image. Thanks to powerful, industrial image processing technology in the form of IRIS-M, SICK offers companies a tailor-made system solution for designing cost-efficient quality control processes.   Continue reading

3D content verification

Packaging identification with ConVer: So that everything is where it should be


Half way through the assembly of your new furniture, you can’t find the next part. You realize that the part is missing and was not delivered in the box, and thus you cannot finalize and start using your furniture. Situations like this are a real headache for customers and manufacturers alike. So to ensure product quality and customer satisfaction, it is absolutely essential to have end-of-line monitoring processes in place such as a thorough check on whether packages contain everything that they’re supposed to. The ConVer system from SICK allows you to optimize these checks to suit your needs, making expensive complaints for incomplete products a thing of the past. Continue reading