Bulkscan® replaces accident-sensitive weighing systems

System shutdown in mines is now a thing of the past


Weighing system is a traditional solution in mines industry in China for calculating the mines outputs and shipping. Such weighing system easily fails and even outputs incorrect results when itwas used in the harsh environment, such as carrying heavy wet bulk for long time, or in a bad weather environment. System suppliers have to send out their service engineers each time to the mines where are far from downtown and cities. Now the Bulkscan® laser volume flowmeter generate a reliable volume flow signal, regardless of the bulk material’s properties or weather conditions. Continue reading

Scanner portfolio

Innovations since 1968: laser scanners from SICK

Scanner technology from SICK

Whether it’s the Watchman, Optotrap OTD or PLS – SICK represents innovation in laser scanner development. SICK has been working in the field of laser scanners for nearly 40 years and recognized early that using laser beams to perform monitoring and measuring tasks leads to enormous productivity gains. That’s why SICK has invested significant amounts in laser measurement technology, in both new technologies and product innovations alike. Continue reading


Debris flow research in real-time: 2D laser scanners ensure safety in the Swiss Alps

Debris Flow Wallis

Every year in the Swiss Alps you can hear the sound of debris flows with thousands of tonnes of detritus rushing down into valleys, and towards endangered transportation routes and settlements. The Swiss Federal Institute for Forest, Snow and Landscape Research (WSL) uses SICK’s 2D laser scanners in order to facilitate research to determine when, where, and how debris flows occur. Continue reading

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Scanning instead of trying-on: custom-made clothes with 3D laser scanning

“Clothes make the man,” so says the proverb – but only if they fit. Despite the vast number of available sizes, it is sometimes difficult to find a shirt, pants, a dress or a skirt that fits perfectly. Custom-made and yet affordable clothing – this circle is to be squared with mass customization. Therefore, several apparel and sportswear manufacturers rely on body scanners to collect body measurements with sensors such as the LMS400 laser scanner from SICK. Continue reading