Thinking ahead intelligently


Automated guided vehicles (AGVs) and automated guided vehicle systems (AGVSs) play a major role in increasing the flexibility of production and logistics processes. Used individually or in groups, these mobile helpers are the technical pioneers of cyber-physical production systems in the Industry 4.0 and Smart Factory framework – with the AGVs driving and working autonomously and AGVSs serving as self-organizing and self-optimizing units.   Continue reading

security 2D laser scanners

LMS14x: Even sees the grass grow


False alarms or alarms that don’t go off at all are unacceptable when it comes to protecting property or assets. The new LMS14x security 2D laser scanners provide optimum protection even in large open spaces. With a sensing range of 30 m – even when its targets are black – and a flexible field configuration, one LMS14x is enough to monitor an area practically the size of a soccer pitch. Regardless of whether it’s monitoring outdoor space in Qatar or Alaska, at high temperatures or in extreme colds, the LMS14x saves costs and ensures peace of mind. Continue reading

Versatile laser scanner makes affordable elevators a reality

Small sensor for great freedom under the cab


With its latest solution – a shaftless platform lift – Ascendor is offering an affordable elevator model for private households. Rugged laser sensors from SICK protect the freely accessible area under the cab. With the TiM3xx, SICK offers a configurable sensor which is exceptionally light and efficient. This “mini” sensor is one of the most compact 2D laser scanners on the market and features a design fully suited to industrial applications, meaning it is rugged and resistant to environmental influences.   Continue reading

Green efficiency

Navigating crop robots with 2D laser scanners

teaser Pflazenroboter

How can we harness modern technology in a way that will allow people to collaborate with business even more intelligently, efficiently, and sustainably in the future? SICK has applied 2D laser scanners to crop robots in order to assist a scientific project at Wageningen University and Research Centre. Continue reading

Detection and ranging solutions

Getting the green light for greenhouse safety


The days when Combat, a company from the Dutch city of Venlo, concentrated solely on carwash facilities have long since passed. Over the years, company directors Gerard Kerstjens and John Teunissen have transferred their knowledge to the fields of mechanical engineering and systems planning. One of their recently completed projects is the development and completion of safety devices for the AGVs used by horticultural company West Plant Group in Venlo. What’s more, SICK’s 2D laser scanners played a prominent role in this project. Continue reading