Individual programming solutions for sensors

10. October 2016

Space for ideas, room for the future – SICK AppSpace developers come together

With the increasing complexity of sensor-based solutions, their individual programming is becoming more and more important. The open programming platform SICK AppSpace takes this development into account: It offers system integrators and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) the freedom and space to develop application solutions to fit the specific requirements of application descriptions.


At the end of September 2016, SICK held the second SICK AppSpace Developers Club annual developers’ conference in Freiburg. This was an opportunity for SICK AppSpace users to meet up and share their experiences. SICK developers and Club members worked together on the advancement of the SICK AppSpace. “We are giving delegates the opportunity to help shape and develop the content and format of the event. We were able to get direct feedback from our customers, OEMs, and integrators, that’s to say our users, to which we can respond directly. Following the end of the conference, we intend to draw up a road map, to set an order of priority for the requirements to be met, and to develop solutions,” Detlef Deuil, head of product management for vertical integration products, explains the concept of the conference.

As well as providing a chance to share experiences, the conference was also an opportunity to highlight information about innovations: These included, for example, the programmable cameras in the InspectorP family and the SIM4000 Sensor Integration Machine.



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