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15. May 2014

SICK extends portfolio to new PL and SIL requirements

The deTec2 Core safety light curtain from SICK represents yet another feat in the new deTec device generation. After launching the deTec4 Core, which is certified for PL e or SIL3, last year, the sensor manufacturer is now offering a type 2 device with PL c or SIL1. The deTec2 Core boasts state-of-the-art technology and accommodates the changes to product standard IEC 61496-1.



The revised IEC 61496-1 product standard has “learned” from the past. One key change concerns the relationship of performance levels (PL) and the safety integrity level (SIL) to a suitable protective device type. Type 2 safety light curtains are permitted for the protection of machines up to performance level c/SIL1. Should a risk assessment reveal that safety level PL d/SIL2 is required, then the latest technology has been available for almost a year. The revised version of IEC 61496-1 helps you to select an electro-sensitive protective device with ease and it also precisely states that for applications according to PL d/SIL2, only type 4 safety light curtains and thereby the next highest protection category can be employed. Alternatively, other than scanners, safety camera systems are the only optical protective devices available on the market which correspond exactly to the SIL2/PL d safety level.

deTec2 Core: when the core objective is safety and easy handling


detec2 Core: secured to a riveting machine with PL c requirements

The deTec2 Core brings pure safety for the machine and operator to reality – with the ultimate in simplicity for the integrator and machine operator: externally, the deTec2 Core boasts a rugged, distinct design. The 4-pin connection technology enables rapid cabling or connection to bus systems, such as Flexi Loop from SICK. With IP 65 and IP 67 enclosure ratings and an operating temperature range of –30°C to +55°C, the safety light curtain is also ideal for use in challenging environments. During the development of the new deTec safety light curtains, SICK’s priority was to ensure that they could be quickly and easily mounted.

deTec2 Core and miniTwin2


miniTwin: suitable for a range of protective field shapes and easy integration

According to risk assessment, machines that pose a low risk of injury or are accessed infrequently by the user are typical PL c/SIL1 applications. Examples can be found in assembly workstations, loading devices with rotating tables or movable panels, test devices, riveting and gluing machines. Depending on the requirements, both the deTec2 Core and the miniTwin2 safety light curtains are suitable in principle. Harsher conditions, which need a more rugged solution, paired with greater scanning ranges and protective field dimensions between 300 mm and 2,100 mm, call for deTec2. The miniTwin2 really comes into its own on smaller machines with protective fields between 120 mm and 1,200 mm. This means that designbased integration or cascading of several systems for U and L-shaped monitoring surfaces is possible. The miniTwin consists of a sender and receiver in a single unit which is a plus when it comes to storage and service.

V300 safety camera system


V300: barrier-free corner workplace for flexible workplace design up to PL d

The compact, triangular design of the V300, which combines both a sender and receiver in a single housing, enables one-sided mounting in or on the corner of the frame of a workstation. As it can be installed in any location – within the machine or protected directly behind a machine panel – the sensor opens up new solutions: an industrial reflector strip is attached on the opposite side of the installation location. The camera system detects the entire length and width of the reflector strip and aligns the monitoring field accordingly. The integrated LED indicator helps the user to see and remedy errors on the sensor and reflector strip.

Efficient safety at all levels 

With the development of the new deTec2 Core safety light curtain, SICK has adapted its product portfolio in the field of safety in line with the revised standard: first, it combines pure safety with the ultimate in simplicity when it comes to selection, mounting, integration,  commissioning, operation, and maintenance. Secondly, along with the deTec4 Core, the miniTwin2 and the miniTwin4 as well as the V300 safety camera system and other single and multiple light beam safety devices, it provides efficient safety at all safety levels.


deTec, V300, miniTwin


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