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9. January 2014

ScanningRuler: State-of-the art 3D camera technology for robotic applications

Providing highly accurate, reliable and fast 3D measurement datas of stationary objects with a wide field of view, ScanningRuler allows robot systems to locate parts in advanced picking applications and find the optimum gripping position. With ScanningRuler SICK brings new levels of productivity to vision-guided robotics.


Typical applications that benefit from this high-end 3D imaging camera include random bin picking in processing and assembly lines, parts picking on pallets and trays, determination of picking position of large parts, de-palletizing of pallets and trays, space optimization in box-in-box packaging and palletizing applications as well as completeness checks.


Varied functions

ScanningRuler is a 3D camera for snapshot 3D imaging of stationary objects with a large field of view/volume of view and a high resolution. The camera allows for full coverage of U.S. and Euro pallets with a single device.




ScanningRuler delivers factory-calibrated point cloud data in millimeters using an integrated sweeping laser. In addition to 3D data, a 2D gray-scale overlay is generated that can be used for part identification. This way, ScanningRuler combines the advantages of snapshot and laser triangulation technologies without any need for additional components for external motion. In addition to high accuracy, the Scanning-Ruler imaging technology excels with high immunity to ambient light conditions and can handle numerous types of surface characteristics and colors of parts.



Grey overlay and color coded 3D measurement results of automotive parts

No external light sources, encoders or additional imaging equipment are required for robotics applications with ScanningRuler as the imaging camera. All components are contained in the rugged IP 65 housing. Together with the features of the imaging technology, this dramatically facilitates the design and development of highly competitive, flexible solutions.

Application examples:

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