Seamless transparency in case of a product recall

26. February 2016

Safe Food Chain: only possible with reliable track and trace solutions

Track and trace, as well as food safety, are all about ensuring transparency with respect to the food’s origin and its path through the entire supply chain – and back! Whether it involves processing, filling, or packaging, every process step requires its data to be gathered using a reliable method. This is particularly important in the hygienic conditions which come as standard in the food industry.



Food companies are responsible for recalling unsafe goods and products in order to prevent contamination of the food chain. Recalls not only entail financial damage for companies, but are also damaging to brand reputation. It is therefore essential to implement an appropriate traceability system which offers complete documentation on the product’s route through production, thereby allowing companies to minimize the scale of recalls. Whether you are thinking about 1D, 2D, OCR, or RFID, it’s useful to have a wide range of ID technologies that you know you can turn to. And better still if these sensor solutions are also tested and certified for worldwide use in the food industry. SICK offers a wide range of reliable identification solutions:


Image-based code readers


Bar code scanners





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