3D part localization

15. March 2013

Precise position determination of randomly placed parts with PLB robot guidance system

The PLB500 robot guidance system from SICK is the efficient, flexible, and easy-to-integrate solution for precise position determination of randomly placed parts in bins and boxes. On the first day of the AUTOMATICA 2012 trade fair the PLB500 won the prize for the most innovative exhibit in the category of “image processing”.



The PLB500 robot guidance system is a package consisting of a 3D camera with outstanding image quality, pre-programmed software for part localization and easy robot integration. The tools, validated in practical use, enable robotics integrators to develop complete applications with unmatched ease. The vision system is designed for part sizes from 150 mm x 150 mm x 150 mm and larger. Installed in the production process, the PLB500 locates parts of different shapes and sizes in the entire bin – moreover doing so in a very stable fashion and under varying environmental conditions.

“3D robot eye” detects randomly oriented and diverse components

The software for 3D part localization uses the CAD data of the parts to be located with position and orientation information reported as well as CAD data of the gripper for the verification of collision free gripping of the parts. This enables very precise and at the same time flexible visual guidance of the robots. A broad range of applications in automotive part production where production uptime and quality are essential, are possible to robotize using the PLB500 system. The accuracy, flexibility and speed of the PLB500, ensures reliable robot-gripping when handling parts, e.g. blanks, castings or forgings in machine tending and feeding system operations.



The PLB500 robot guidance system makes it possible to load turning machines, fixtures or feeder systems fully automatically using robots, offering the potential for cost- and efficiency optimizations.


Roland Noz PLB Vision System Automatica

Roland Noz, General Manager of SICK
Vertriebs-GmbH, accepted the prize

For the third time already, the polytechnic “MM MaschinenMarkt” industrial magazine conferred the “MM Award”, an innovation prize, on the first day of the AUTOMATICA 2012 trade fair.


In doing so, it distinguished the most innovative exhibits in six different categories of automation technology. In the category of “image processing”, the PLB500 from SICK proved one step ahead.



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