Information and material flow

6. February 2015

Package analytics software creates seamless transparency

Intelligent sensors record and communicate data, but there is no real added value involved until this data can be used to make decisions on ways to improve processes. This is the case with the Package Analytics software from SICK.

“Big data” has become a real issue for companies, particularly in logistics environments where plants are tasked with processing millions of packages each day. On the one hand this data offers great opportunities; on the other hand, however, the process of preparing it in a way that allows companies to make the right decisions presents a significant challenge.




Monitoring, evaluating, and making decisions

This is why we created the Package Analytics software, which calls upon our extensive practical experience with automatic identification resources to provide a solution for these data recording and analysis requirements. This software allows you to retrieve and analyze information on system performance as well as the statuses of all recorded data with ease – from an individual package on the conveyor to an overview of the millions transported each day. This provides operators with direct access to the key variables for the material flow, allowing them to understand and control these variables in a more appropriate way. The dynamic database solution simplifies the processes of monitoring, analyzing, and creating reports, while images or videos of the packages can be pre-filtered and analyzed with ease in line with predefined selection criteria.





High scalability and remote access

The Package Analytics software can record and visualize the bar code quality and read rate of an individual system. Not only this, but the high-performance client/server platform can be used across several systems on a single site or even networked over multiple locations. The service and support team offers exceptional system throughput without the hassle of a call-out – the SICK Meeting Point Router (MPR) provides safe and reliable remote access worldwide to the systems and plants listed in the Package Analytics software.



The Package Analytics software offers three kinds of view: the standalone system view, the facility view, and the enterprise view across several different hubs

Real-time visualizations and analyses

The Package Analytics software is significantly more advanced than conventional visualizations of process statuses. The wealth of recorded data stored in the database forms a solid basis for targeted evaluations to be carried out. By detecting repeated process patterns, anomalies, and their dependencies, a CEP service provider – for example – can continually optimize their processes. This also makes it possible to produce and simulate tasks such as causal analyses, trend forecasts, and what-if scenarios, making the Package Analytics software an efficient interface to ERP systems.


Package Analytics software

Monitoring, analyzing, and optimizing all processes – from individual identification systems through to multi-site enterprises.


  • Improved operating times thanks to rapid notifications and cause analytics
  • Simple image and data exchange to meet customer conformity requirements more easily
  • Shorter response times thanks to automatic notifications of “no reads” or other unusual incidents
  • Inspection of package conditions to reduce liability claims and support cause analytics in the case of processing errors
  • Inreased system performance thanks to exceptional visualizations of system operations



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