Innovative sealing technology for the food and beverage industry

19. February 2015

No more leaking cables

The requirements for systems and their components are extremely high in the food and beverage industry. Seal tightness, vibration protection, and material resistance against aggressive cleaning agents and methods must be guaranteed. SICK offers new F&B M12 PVC connecting cables, which excel thanks to innovative sealing technology and fulfill all requirements.  



The combination of connecting cables and sensors plays an important role in the food and beverage industry. Necessary processes such as cleaning and disinfection demand a lot not just from the sensors, but also from the cables. For cleaning and disinfection, surfactant, acidic, chlorinated, chlorine-alkaline, and other foam cleaners and neutral disinfecting agents containing hypochlorite or peracetic acid are used. Furthermore, high-pressure cleaners are often used for these processes in order to eliminate impurities in the cables.


Leaking cables impact the correct functioning of the sensors

There are significant consequences if liquid gets into the cable: the sensor switches off and the control reports an error. In the worst-case scenario, the entire system must be stopped. The period of inactivity is also increased due to the replacement of the sensors and the restarting of the system. The causes for leaking pipes can be wide-ranging: Alongside aggressive cleaning chemicals and mechanical stress, improper screwing is also one of the main causes. For conventional cables, the correct torque must be ensured: if it is screwed too tightly, the sealing ring will be pressed too hard and destroyed. If the screw is fitted with too low a torque, the sealing ring cannot perform its function.


The solution: M12 connecting cables with innovative sealing technology


SICK is a pioneer when it comes to sealing technology: the standardized M12 connecting cables no longer have a conventional sealing ring. Instead, SICK relies on an innovative profile seal, which is placed over the thread of the sensor during screwing. This means that the double active (axial and radial) sealing technology guarantees perfect tightness. Archiving the specified tightening torque of 0.6 Nm ensures the activation of the mechanical vibration protection. This double-acting snap-in lock guarantees high shock and vibration resistance up to 50 G. Periods of system inactivity caused by sensor failure are reduced.



Innovative sealing technology (detailed structure). Click to enlarge.


Long life thanks to Ecolab certification and IP 69K enclosure rating

The high-quality materials used for this new generation of connecting cables guarantee long life and corrosion resistance – as proven by the Ecolab certification and the IP 65, IP 68, and IP 69K enclosure ratings. The new cables are therefore ideal for use in the food and beverage industry.


Sensor integration made easy – with the matching accessories

Accessories Innovative sensor technology is only one side of the coin when talking about intelligent automation solutions. The picture is completed by matching accessories for professional and cost-effective integration. Whether electrical connection technology or mechanical mounting systems, only the right integrative system products lead to a high quality, highly available application solution. The advantage?  Sensors and accessories work in conjunction to offer maximum operational safety.




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