12. May 2015

No chance for the thieves

Automobile and commercial vehicle manufacturers and dealers park new vehicles on large lots. In the past, thieves have used this opportunity to steal catalytic converters and other components from the new vehicles or to commit vandalism. Since the manufacturers and dealers incur considerable costs from this, they look for a solution to secure the lots. An outdoor monitoring system from LASE PeCo can provide for unbeatable security thanks to the absolutely precise measuring performance of the LD-LRS 2D laser scanners from SICK.



LASE PeCo Systemtechnik GmbH is a manufacturer and provider of system solutions in the areas of counting people, perimeter protection for ascertaining visitor frequencies, path analyses and monitoring outdoor areas. The company installs LTS laser tracking systems to continuously monitor the lots. The LTS systems not only trigger an alarm, but also tell the camera where the intruder is. The LD-LRS 2D laser scanners put the cameras into an alarm status when a thief is detected. Only then does the attention of the guard personnel heighten; previously, they had to constantly keep an eye on the monitor. Now the LD-LRS, cameras and software from LASE assume this task. The use of personnel is now limited to evaluating cases when the security system issues an alarm, fully in compliance with data protection laws.

Sharp view


LD-LRS 2D laser scanner

As a technological watchdog, the LD-LRS has everything in view with a radius of up to 360 degrees on the user-definable field. If the scanner registers a person, it measures the accurate distance to this person. Then, it automatically controls the dome camera and focuses on the person with accuracy down to the centimeter, so that the camera can make a sharp image of the person, ensuring identification. Since the laser scanner and camera have a common coordinate system, they speak the same language. Thus, the laser scanner controls the camera without any false information caused by different systems or incorrect interfaces.

Detects more than just individual culprits


The great advantage of the LTS laser tracking system is that it detects more than just individual culprits. If the LD-LRS detects and the camera identifies a target person, the laser scanner keeps working. The scanner is not only capable of detecting how the person is behaving, but also notices accomplices and documents their behavior. The constant evaluation of the coordinates makes it possible to see where the intruders are. This way the guard personnel gets an exact overview of what is happening on the monitored area at the moment ‒ in real time and on the computer screen.

Everything is possible


LTS400 laser tracking system

A software platform receives the current data. The system operators can adapt this platform completely to their needs. Thus, for example, the system software enables control of up to eight dome cameras and laser scanners. The software also controls the recording before and after the alarm as well as the switch-over to the original image or the map of the surrounding area. There is also no problem integrating other systems, because then a server-client system processes the data. All of this is possible with only a few clicks of the mouse, which reduces the effort while providing high security. Since the LD-LRS has full view of the area, the number of cameras can be reduced. They no longer have to watch the entire area; instead, they are used only in critical situations, and then in a completely targeted manner. Thanks to special algorithms in the programming, adverse weather conditions do not interfere with the systems.

No problem with small objects

The systems can be set so that false alarms, such as those from small animals, are largely prevented. The laser scanner can be set up so that it does not take into account things such as rabbits, birds or small objects. In these cases, the scanner will not trigger an alarm. The guards can fully concentrate on the relevant intrusions. Now, thieves will have to buy their catalytic converters and other vehicle components after all.


Volker Frisse, Sales Manager perimeter protection, LASE PeCo Systemtechnik GmbH, Germany

Volker Frisse: “On the parking lots of a large automobile/commercial-vehicle manufacturer, frequent cases of vandalism and theft of new vehicles have incurred considerable costs. By reliably monitoring the premises, this damage was able to be reduced considerably. Thanks to the absolutely precise measuring performance of the 2D laser scanners from SICK that were used, a video monitoring system with the event-driven detection solution from Lase PeCo has reduced undesired triggering of the alarm to a minimum. The easily managed connection options of the scanners have turned the video technology, the SICK laser scanners and LASE software into an unbeatable security system that complies with data protection laws.”



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