photoelectric sensors

10. April 2014

See ultra-black in the dark: New W2S-2 photoelectric sensor from SICK

Even things “not graspable” are now detected reliably: Infrablack object with only 1 % diffuse light reflection can be detected dependably at a range of up to 50 mm. Innovative technologies constitute the best copy protection – and the new subminiature W2S-2 photoelectric sensor boasts plenty of those.  The new LED technology PinPoint 2.0 from SICK is 2.5 times more light-intensive than the previous PinPoint LEDs, ensuring even better switching precision and repeat accuracy.



W2S-2 subminiature sensorThe compactness of machines and plants is increasing all the time – at the same time, space  available for sensor technology is dwindling.  In this regard, the extremely small W2S-2 sensors set a new performance standard.  The fields benefitting from this include, among others, robotics and handling applications or applications in pharmaceutical and medical technology where objects with frequently difficult surfaces or shapes need to be detected reliably in cramped spaces, e.g. for gripping and positioning processes. Machine builders are delighted as well with an additional, rather mechanical innovation: The rubbery lead-in of the shock- and vibration-resistant cable runs at an angle of 45°. This allows for flexible and rugged installation of the sensors without  restrictions due to any bothersome cable outlet.



W2S-2: Reliable detection of objects that are tilted, angled and of various shapes


New ASIC technology SIRIC® optimizes performance

A new feature in the sensors of the W2S-2 product family is also the Opto-ASIC chip set  developed by SICK.  The SIRIC® chip set uses the increased light intensity of the PinPoint 2.0-LED in such a way that the result is greater sensing ranges and improved functional reserves for through-beam and retro-reflective photoelectric sensors as well as for photoelectric proximity sensors. At the same time, this enables extremely precise background suppression, thus raising switching reliability to a new top level, even in case of critical objects and surfaces.


Customized factory-installed sensor versions possible

W2S_2_Smart Sensor Solution

W2S-2: The sensing range can be set with millimeter precision via the control and IO-Link. The inclusion of “Smart Sensor Solutions”, such as counter functions, false tripping suppression, and a timestamp, eases the load on the control software.

The chip set with integrated Smart Receiver Array, first implemented in the W2S-2, also improves the opto-electronic properties of the sensors
– but that is not the only thing: It also opens up the option of adapting the photoelectric proximity sensor and the photoelectric sensor in a simple and economical way to specific customer and application requirements. Using IO-Link, one  can transfer various automation functions, e.g.  debouncing and counting, as a “smart sensor solution” from the controller to the sensor in an intelligent way.



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