Small photoelectric sensors

22. November 2013

New G10 small photoelectric sensor: Ready to use in 10 to 15 seconds

Satisfaction has never been so quick: Minimized effort required for setting, high-level of detection reliability, flexible 360° alignement, and with optional Q-Lock fastening system mounted in a matter of seconds – the photoelectric sensors of the new G10 product family.


Installation and fastening in a matter of seconds

Using SICK‘s optional Q-Lock fastening system renders mounting on round bars a rather “fleeting pleasure”: It takes only 10 to 15 seconds until the sensor is in place. The Q-Lock system consists of two prefabricated subassemblies: the pin matrix and the terminal bracket. The sensor is simply clipped onto the pin matrix, with the terminal bracket subsequently pushed onto the pins and locked. Following that, one snaps the entire unit from the side on to the 12 mm round bar, aligning it as desired horizontally, vertically, and in the 360° orientation – done!



Alternatively, one can fasten the Q-Lock system in the same way to a metal sheet up to 3 mm in thickness. Thus, precisely in places within a plant, e.g. in the complex conveying system of a large warehouse and distribution center, that require installation of many hundreds of sensors, the user-friendly Q-Lock fastening system of the G10 product family may save several person days worth of installation effort.

Great variety of options: one version will fit for sure

For one thing, the sensors of the G10 product family are available with a 10 to 30 V DC and PNP-switching transistor output or, respectively, a NPN-switching transistor output, e.g. for logistics automation and machine building. Moreover, there is a universal voltage version featuring 24 to 240 V AC /V DC, which is available with a relay output particularly in automatic car parks, elevators, as well as door and gate installations



G10 includes through-beam photoelectric sensors with a sensing range of up to 40 meters, photoelectric retro-reflective sensors with a sensing range of up to 16 m, energetic photoelectric sensors with a sensing range of 1,400 mm as well as photoelectric proximity sensors with background suppression that reliably detect bright objects at a raphotoelectric sensornge of 950 mm and jet-black surfaces at a range of 520 mm – doing all that using bright, easily visible PinPoint red light. In operation, the G10 sensors that are extremely immune to ambient light deliver convincing performance due to reliable detection even of depolarizing objects.

Quick-start versions for logistics automation

In principle, all G10 sensors are available with one control panel used to adjust the sensing range and sensitivity, respectively. However, specifically with a view to the requirements of logistics automation, there are also variant types that manage entirely without control panels. This saves valuable time during installation – especially in combination with the Q-Lock system – ruling out subsequent, unintentional changes to the sensor settings.



SICK G10 Sensor App

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