Photoelectric sensors

28. September 2012

MultiPac: Brilliant solution for shiny and uneven surfaces

Reliably detecting six-packs in PET film on conveyor systems is a real challenge for optical sensors. It can be solved in the optimum way using the new MultiPac photoelectric sensor from SICK.


In the most diverse industries, automation specialists wishing to detect shiny and uneven objects, as for instance foil-wrapped six-packs or shiny metal surfaces, by using photoelectric sensors, were facing three problems until now: incalculable reflections from the film, uneven surfaces, e.g. in case of containers in the area of shrink-wrapped bottlenecks, and different container heights depending on bottle size.

Implemented for the first time: dual receiver system with application software

The MultiPac leaves behind the previous limits in detecting highly reflective and at the same time uneven surfaces. This is achieved by the ideally adjusted combination of primarily three measures: The use of two completely separate receiver systems doubles detection performance; a high-power LED generates an extremely high light intensity; and the application-specific software controls the complex evaluation.

Increasing productivity

The MultiPac compact photoelectric proximity sensor is the future-proof solution for checking and controlling, for example, the transport of packaging units on single or multi-track conveyor systems very efficiently. On top of that, the sensor may be mounted up to 500 mm above the conveyor system in order to detect the most diverse types and heights of packaging units with only one fixed sensor position. As a result, the mechanical height adjustment often required until now becomes unnecessary – which significantly reduces effort and expense for users.

The benchmark for detecting packaging units

The approach to a solution offered by the MultiPac ensures a level of reliability unprecedented in practical operations to date. Users confirm that “this is the first sensor for detection of packaging units that really works.”


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