Value Added Services

22. January 2015

More service for your order

Place an order with us and choose exactly how we deliver it to you. Do you struggle with complicated goods receipt processes, and waste time unpacking, labeling and re-labeling? Well now you do not have to! When it comes to SICK sensor technology, ordered products are grouped together, labeled, and packed in a way that enables our customers either to further process them directly, or to forward shipments on within Europe, without having to unpack them.

  ValueAddedServicesThomas Henkel, Head of Global Logistics at SICK, sees this every day: “Lots of our customers place regular orders for large quantities of various sensors and accessories from our range – sometimes as many as three orders a week. The first order will consist of scanners and single-beam photoelectric safety switch, the second order will contain cameras, reflectors and screws, and mounting brackets and more scanners will make up the third order.”


Under normal circumstances, this would mean three deliveries to the customer. This in turn would mean that goods would also have to be received and put away three times; the ordering information would have to be searched for three times, and the SICK material numbers would have to be matched to the customer material numbers three times. The deliveries would then have to be unpacked, sorted and allocated, and the individual containers counted, and the list goes on. Every single process involved in receiving goods would need to be carried out three times, resulting in a great deal of effort and the waste of a lot of time. “This need not be the case any longer,” says Henkel. “We can offer our customers a whole host of services that make these ordering and delivery processes a lot easier, truly saving on time and effort.”


Multiple orders, bundled deliveries, and much more


Our value added services can make your usual orders a lot less complicated, with the deliveries being sorted in advance so they arrive in the order in which they will be required and further processed. There is also the option to set up a kanban system or arrange for shipments to be grouped together. On request, it is also possible for the goods to be packed straight into the customer’s tote, cutting out the steps of unpacking and repacking. The information on the delivery note is printed directly as a bar code, meaning that you no longer have to worry about the hassle of typing out numbers. There are a number of additional individual services, such as the printing of customer logos, standardized symbols, bar codes, or customer-specific material numbers or text. “So the three orders in one week are combined into one delivery, and arrive at our customers’ incoming goods area in the way that is best suited to them,” says Henkel.


There are many advantages to SICK’s additional logistics services, which will allow you to utilize core skills, optimize existing logistics, production and purchasing processes, save on costs, comply with standards, and much more.


An overview of our value added services


1. Packing

The material is delivered in such a way that it can be quickly received, stored appropriately, picked efficiently, as well as installed quickly.

2. Repacking

Container quantities can be adapted – and SICK materials packed – individually to suit the customer’s needs.

3. Labeling

The material is supplied with the appropriate in-house information, which simplifies goods receipt, quality checks, and allocation in the warehouse.

4. Handling paper and data

Accurate information is displayed on accompanying documents in a standardized format, in order to speed up goods receipt and quality processes and make them more reliable.

5. Creating sets and kits

We will sort different materials into bundles, bags, groups, or packages according to your needs to save you work.

6. Production preparation

Whether on the construction site or in line production, the delivery is prepared in the same way as it is processed later by production employees, logisticians, or service technicians.

7. Shipping

We will specify a fixed delivery date so you know today what will be arriving tomorrow; providing you with increased planning reliability for your logistics processes.




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