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31. May 2016

LMS14x: Even sees the grass grow

False alarms or alarms that don’t go off at all are unacceptable when it comes to protecting property or assets. The new LMS14x security 2D laser scanners provide optimum protection even in large open spaces. With a sensing range of 30 m – even when its targets are black – and a flexible field configuration, one LMS14x is enough to monitor an area practically the size of a soccer pitch. Regardless of whether it’s monitoring outdoor space in Qatar or Alaska, at high temperatures or in extreme colds, the LMS14x saves costs and ensures peace of mind.

The LMS14x is a 2D laser scanner, which has been specially optimized in the existing LMS100 range from SICK for security applications with large sensing ranges in outdoor areas.


Easy set-up and adjustment to changes in environmental conditions


Improved sensing ranges, sophisticated measurement methods that aren’t affected by weather conditions, easy set-up via a key switch for example without the need for a PC, and relay outputs for direct alarm activation: All of this makes LMS14x a security sensor that can be integrated perfectly into both monitoring concepts for open terrain as well as intruder alarm systems. Multi-echo technology is particularly important for outdoor areas as it can reliably detect and distinguish property and weather-related interfering or multiple reflections. This significantly reduces the rate of false and faulty alarms.

The increase in online shopping and, consequently, in the volume of goods has led to a negative development in the number of thefts of merchandise stored at the logistics service providers.

As a result, significant property damage has been caused by frequent accesses to container swap trailers that stand loaded with goods overnight on the depot premises of package delivery companies. LMS14x 2D laser scanners help to prevent swap trailers from being targeted by thieves. With the Easy Teach function, monitored areas can be adjusted to the constantly changing conditions at any time.


EinbrecherThe swap trailers are moved to a different position each night. The teach-in function, which can easily be operated via the intruder alarm system, adjusts the monitoring fields to the swap trailer’s current position. If someone enters the monitored area, the laser scanner triggers an Alarm. Automatic field adjustment adapts the monitored area to changing conditions – even with regard to changes to the property that occur slowly, such as due to snow fall or grass growing. This not only qualifies LMS14x for the high-security sector, but also for the facade protection of mansions.


Suitable for all climate zones

An expanded temperature range of -40 °C to +60 °C, a rugged aluminum housing with an enclosure rating of IP67, a greater field of view of up to 270 degrees, and a compact design: These features make the LMS14x security 2D laser scanner a reliable partner for sensitive monitoring tasks in the field of property and perimeter protection in areas such as landing sites and outside areas at airports, parking areas and container swap trailers, as well as facades.




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