14. June 2013

Like Tom Cruise in Minority Report: Laser measurement enables non-contact interaction

Navigating through interactive contents by movements of the hand like Tom Cruise in Minority Report – this is the dream that the Swiss Atracsys company has made a reality with the beMerlin LV. The LMS100 2D laser scanner from SICK supplies a high-quality signal whose evaluation enables the user to carry out intuitive and futuristic navigation. (with video)

Atracsys berührungslose Interaktion

Non-contact, interactive, and innovative navigation is suited for a large number of exhibition, presentation, game, and information applications in which the user can navigate through individual subject areas using symbols or gestures. In this connection, Atracsys goes one step further, as CEO Gaëtan Marti explains: “Currently, we are testing so-called shop window systems, which allow passers-by to navigate interactively through contents in front of a shop window, with the bulk of the technology used installed safe from vandals indoors behind the window pane. Initial field tests received very positive reviews by customers.” What used to be a future vision in the past is now becoming a reality.


Atracsys (2)

Quick reaction of the surfaces decisive for acceptance

LMS100 laser measurement sensor

LMS100 2D laser scanner

In order that an application can be used intuitively and is considered attractive, the sensor must perceive the interaction instantaneously and accurately. Rapid detection is crucial for acceptance and thus for the success of the solutions made by Atracsys, since only swift opening of the selected control element lives up to the user’s intuitive demand on ergonomics. In cooperation with SICK in the area of 3D measurement, Christian Scheidegger from SICK Sales Switzerland and the LMS product specialist Roland Odermatt worked together with the engineering team from Atracsys to identify the LMS100 2D laser scanner as the suitable solution.

Easy handling of the beMerlin LV

The LMS100 is installed next to the surface intended for interactive design. This area is defined and parameterized as the measuring field. The 2D scanner detects very quickly and accurately where a hand is located within the measuring field. Atracsys’ software evaluates this signal in order to process it for the interactive navigation. “The LMS is the technically superior product to implement such touchless navigation solutions,” confirms Gaëtan Marti. “In addition, SICK has a worldwide presence in terms of service as well, which means it can take on after-sales service with our international customers if required.”


LMS100 from SICK is convincing

For applications requiring reliable detection of small objects in a random position within a large surface area, the laser measurement sensors of the LMS100 product family from SICK deliver highly available and economical results. The measurement system is very accurate: With an angular resolution of 0.25° and scanning frequencies of up to 50 Hz, it emits an invisible, fan-shaped laser pulse at an angle of 270°, measuring the time lapsed until reception of the reflections. Due to its innovative multi-echo technology, the LMS100 also provides detection reliability that is unprecedented to date. In combination with the integrated distance measurement, this allows extremely stable field monitoring along with very accurate object localization within the two-dimensional monitoring field. All of this matches precisely the features Atracsys requires for navigation on two-dimensional monitors and projection surfaces. For outdoor use, SICK offers the LMS111 and the LMS511, two powerful variant types featuring even more measuring accuracy.


Atracsys (3)

Atracsys LLC: Specialist for real-time image processing, optical 3D measurement, and interactive marketing solutions

In order find economical uses of the knowledge derived from more than ten years of research at the Swiss Federal Technical Institute in Lausanne (EPFL) in the area of minimally invasive surgery (or: keyhole surgery) and optical tracking, the year 2004 saw the founding of Atracsys LLC. In addition to devices for cutting-edge optical 3D tracking in medical research, teaching, and industry, today the company also develops and produces interactive marketing systems for trade fairs, sales departments, and the distributive trades. Atracsys integrates standard solutions, such as the beMerlin LV and multi-touch tables featuring object detection into customer-specific software solutions in order to offer powerful marketing solutions. In addition, mobile apps complement the portfolio. All of the technologies used at Atracsys aim at one thing: Instead of remembering the technology, the customer is supposed to remember the contents for the long term.


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