NOx / NH3-monitoring systems

14. February 2014

Less hazardous substances in the air: Power plants in China rely on solutions from SICK

China is taking measures against the air pollution in its country for a long time. Nitrogen reduction is a topic that is very much on the agenda. With measures needed to meet the strict requirements that the government has set out, solutions from SICK are being used in Chinas power plants. SICK has now delivered its 500th DeNOx system for monitoring denitrification levels. So nitrogen oxide (NOx) and ammonia (NH3) can be monitored which helps reducing hazardous substances in the air.


„There are now more than 70 power plants using SICK complete solutions and monitoring NOx at the inlet and outlet areas of DeNOx systems“, says Li Changyun, Managing Director of SICK MAIHAK China.


Laser-Gasanalysator GM700

Based on the principle of TDLS (Tunable diode laser spectroscopy) and by using specific light absorption, the GM700 laser gas analyzer is able to measure several gas components, such as NH3, HF, O2 or HCl. The in-situ measurement is ideal for the fast determination of gas concentrations in process control and emission monitoring.



NH3 slip is measured using the GM700 laser gas analyzer with high precision, down to the single-digit ppm range. Its lance is equipped with a special filter, which prevents dust from penetrating and interfering with the measurement process − an indispensable feature in applications prone to exceptionally high levels of dust in the gas duct.


SICK MAIHAK China occupies the top spot when it comes to installed in-situ laser measuring devices (TDLS) and has achieved a healthy second place in the field of analyzers used for NOx measurement in China.


Video: DeNox control with the SCR bypass system from SICK


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