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30. April 2014

Lector620 OCR: The best choice for optical character recognition

The new Lector620 OCR image-based code reader is the ideal solution for reading and identifying printed plain text in packaging applications. Lector620 OCR reads best-before dates and batch numbers, for example on food and drugs packaging and identifies all common 1D and 2D codes at the same time.


Thanks to its integrated red and blue lighting, the Lector620 OCR guarantees that the reading field is optimally illuminated at all times, regardless of contrast setting. The code reader is capable of capturing characters and numbers in plain text at intervals of between 30 mm and 300 mm. This can be achieved for both stationary and moving objects – at speeds of up to 4.0 m/s. The integrated font finder ensures that the plain text can be read and compared safely even where there are tolerances in the print on packages.

Integrated web server and teach-in wizard for easy commissioning


LECTOR620 OCRWith comparison of plain text and identification of code alike, the Lector620 OCR impresses with its straightforward handling right from the commissioning phase. A user-friendly wizard helps with the teaching-in of fonts. Since the code reader also features an integrated web server, no special software is required for the teaching-in or training of characters and numbers. For applications in which more than one code reader is performing the same function, fonts can quickly be copied from one device to any number of others via PC or with a micro SD card.


Designed for flexibility and availability

New font types and font styles can even be taught in when the Lector620 OCR is in operation. This flexibility is combined with highly reliable reading achieved through the use of intelligent decoding algorithms which are also able to evaluate the quality of the code read. This helps users to trace back problems to their source when they occur, even if they are not experts, and subsequently to resolve them without any external assistance.


Plain text detection with the Lector620 OCR – the ideal solution for maximum possible process reliability and availability.

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