One housing, three technologies

21. November 2014

Keeping pace with rapid development

Innovation cycles in the electronics industry are getting shorter all the time: Something that was considered an ultra- modern flat-screen TV is already seen as a whopper just a short time later. The production facilities must be capable of rapid and reliable operation. These requirements also apply to the sensors used in the machines: glass, reflective surfaces, transparent materials, or materials with minimum remission – reliable detection with sensors whose compact design ideally enables them to be integrated into the machine design with ease are the order of the day. SICK has packaged three different technologies in one rugged miniature housing that is hardly as big as a lump of sugar. The result: versatility in use for many different industries

W4 UC4 CQ4

With the photoelectric sensors in the W4 family, UC4 ultrasonic sensors, and capacitive CQ4 sensors, SICK has packaged three different technologies in one rugged miniature housing that is hardly as big as a lump of sugar. The compact design for straightforward and space-saving installation even in the most restricted of spaces, plus easy operation and commissioning, is common to all three, as is mechanical and electronic reliability when faced with the most challenging industrial ambient conditions and for the various switching outputs and connection types. These sensors prove their high capacity for detection with a variety technologies combined with full mechanical compatibility. In so doing, they are open to and suitable for all manner of application possibilities and all detection tasks from 1 to 250 mm.

W4 miniature photoelectric sensors –  Complete product family with best-in-class functionalities




Two sensors in a single housing intelligently linked to a logical evaluation unit: the solution for the improved detection of electronics cards with holes or gaps on the production line. The WTB4-3 Multiline photoelectric proximity sensor uses two line-shaped light spots for reliable detection and increased machine availability. The number of electronics cards with mechanical defects falls and intervention in the production process is no longer necessary.


CQ4 capacitive proximity sensor: reliable at close range




The CQ4 can be used to perform an extremely wide range of tasks. It has a space-saving, user-friendly and reliable design. These tasks include the detection of light-absorbing wafers in electronics and solar manufacturing, as well as object detection in food, beverage, pharmaceutical and cosmetics packaging. As a capacitive sensor, the CQ4 can perform detection through non-metallic surfaces. It is thus also excellently suited for checking the level of tanks in printing machines or containers and monitoring feed lines for rubber and plastic granules.



UC4 ultrasonic sensor: reliable detection up to 250 mm

Ultraschall-Sensor UC3


Precise and reliable detection is often made difficult by objects in the background and the movement of reflective machine parts. The UC4 ultrasonic sensor offers reliable measurement, regardless of material color, transparency, gloss, and ambient light. It’s immunity to optical difficult environments along with the integrated temperature compensation ensures high measurement accuracy at all times for optimum process quality.


Versatility for many different industries

Optical, capacitive, or ultrasonic technology– the W4 product family from SICK offers solutions for the packaging industry, the automotive and components industry, machine tool construction, and even in the pharmaceuticals industry, where reliable sensors whose compact design enables them to be integrated into the machine design with ease are the order of the day.


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