Sensor Intelligence. for Industrial Internet

5. May 2015

Hannover Messe Industrie 2015: Enabling Industry 4.0 with SICK

More than 220,000 trade show visitors, including 70,000 from outside Germany, learned about new technologies at the Hannover Messe trade show. As one of the 6,500 presenters, SICK showcased its solutions for production of the future with its slogan, “We enable Industry 4.0.” Visitors to the trade show could see just what that slogan meant at the SICK trade show booth. SICK’s trade show appearance focused on how Industry 4.0 concepts provide the solutions to four major challenges through flexible automation, safety, track and trace, quality control. “We’ve utilized the HMI as the foundation for our expertise in providing solutions in the context of Industry 4.0,” says Christoph Müller, Head of Global Marketing and Communication for SICK AG. “Instead of the typical route of presenting a portion of its product range, SICK expounded on the added value its sensor technology brings to the future of industry.”

Tech-ShowcaseA technology showcase developed by SICK together with a large American IT company demonstrated how the future of production and logistics might look. This identification and profiling system continuously generates data from transported goods, analyzes the data and compares it against historical values. If the system detects any changes—such as a change in volume caused by damage to a package—it automatically sets off an alarm on its own. Because all of the available status information is transmitted during this process, the company can take action immediately to optimize the process and ensure the level of quality. The showcase demonstrated how new possibilities for analysis emerge as the result of integrating sensor data into “big data” software applications.


While the trade show was underway, SICK presented its financial results and financial report for 2014. Approximately 40 journalists from Germany and abroad attended the annual press conference. “This extensive interest shows that our expertise means we are viewed as the driving force for technology and the leader in innovation in the context of Industry 4.0,” says Müller. “This is because a smart factory can only be made possible if rugged and intelligent sensor systems reliably record the amount of data required.” Forecasts for 2015 for the SICK group have a corresponding positive outlook: “Through our sensor products, we make a significant contribution to our customer’s capability to achieve greater transparency in their processes and to work more efficiently with resources and with increased flexibility. Because of this, I am very confident that we will see another increase in the high single-digit percentage range for our sales figures in the 2015 fiscal year. We are seeing outstanding market opportunities throughout the world and expect a resurgence in demand in Germany and Europe as well as catalysts for growth from Asia and America,” says Markus Vatter, Member of the Executive Board, at the press conference.

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