Dx1000 long range distance sensor from SICK

18. November 2016

Great performance at great distance

The new Dx1000 long range distance sensor from SICK features extreme versatility in any application and enables distance measurements with high measurement reliability, even in the presence of ambient light, rain, snow, and fog. With its infrared measurement laser, it is perfect for use on cranes, detecting vehicles in traffic applications, and measuring hot steel slabs in a steel mill. It excels at object tracking and quickly detecting the edges of objects moved in from the side. With measurement cycle times of down to one millisecond, Dx1000 is ideal for use in control loops.




The innovative HDDM+ technology enables a reliable distance measurement both indoors and outdoors, allowing high system throughput. The DT1000 can manage distances over 450 m when measuring on natural objects. The DL1000 has a maximum sensing range of 1,500 m when measuring on reflector foil.

Multi-echo technology can suppress undesirable reflections, allowing usage in a wider range of applications. Comprehensive options for adjustments enable perfect adaptation to the individual measuring task. The Dx1000 can be commissioned quickly and safely using a graphical touch display, the convenient SOPAS ET user interface, and a red alignment laser.



Reliable distance measurement for both indoor and outdoor application

The Dx1000 can be used in a wide array of areas. It can thus be used for collision avoidance on rail-mounted ship-to-shore cranes and gantry cranes in ports or to measure container stacks. It also monitors the pin assignment of truck parking lanes and positions rail-mounted vehicles and industrial cranes.

The Dx1000 can also easily manage the detection of hot steel slabs. The hot steel slabs are cut to the desired length using oxygen burners during the continuous rolling process. During this process, the sensor detects the position and length of the steel slabs on the roller.




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