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15. June 2012

GHG-Control: Integrated in-situ measuring system for greenhouse gases

As one of the leading producers of sensors SICK helps businesses save on CO2 certification costs with an innovative all-in-one solution. The GHG-Control in-situ system delivers highly accurate CO2 and N2O values directly from the exhaust duct in real time. Until now, greenhouse gas emission volumes could not be measured directly. Rather, they were calculated using complicated methods and safety margins. Thus, the values tended to be higher than they actually were.

Measuring greenhouse gases with GHG-Control from SICK

In Germany alone, one out of four industrial companies participates in international emission trading. Certificates are becoming more expensive to purchase. On the other hand, there are also countries where fees for greenhouse gas emissions plan to be increased in future years. In either case, the ability to measure exhaust gases precisely in order to best use permitted emission volumes is becoming more important.

Measuring instead of calculating



GHG-Control – the world’s only in-situ solution for continuous measurement of the current CO2 and N2O load

Using the new GHG-Control measuring system by SICK, companies ensure not to pay more for emissions than necessary. The reason is that, for the first time, the combined in-situ system offers an exact numerical basis by measuring using actual process conditions in wet exhaust gas. Conventional methods of sampling and measuring different material flows, complex analyses of coal and ash as well as discontinuous laboratory analyses are significantly simplified. Even with changes in the fuel composition and system operation, waste gas values are captured auto-matically and in real time by the GHG-Control system. For this reason, data is more exact than with conventional calculation methods, which also include safety margins. As a result, companies having to provide an audit trail can save time and money since only greenhouse gas loads actually emitted are reported and therefore paid.

GHG-Control-System: on top FLOWSIC100 gas flow measuring device, below GM35 gas analyzer

GHG-Control combines several proven measurement technologies. It consists of the GM35 gas analyzer, which simultaneously captures CO2 and N2O concentrations, with a highly precise deviation of ≤ 2 %. Another incorporated technology is that used in the FLOWSIC100 gas flow measuring device, which determines the volume flow. The declared mass flow is determined by an innovative control unit for calculation and output of the measured values. This makes the GHG-Control a perfect foundation for reliable monitoring and precise reporting.

The GM35 includes the sender and receiver unit and the reflector which are mounted on opposite sides of the exhaust duct. The light beam traverses the entire duct cross-section twice thereby increasing measuring precision. The device can also record temperature and pressure and, owing to its integrated self-testing and control functions, requires low maintenance.

Measurement of the volume flow with the FLOWSIC100 can be configured as a single, double or multiple-path measurement depending on the flow profile requirements. Highly precise and robust ultrasonic converters made of titanium deliver representative measuring results based on integral measurements across the entire duct diameter. Automatic operational checks including zero- and reference point testing also ensure reliable operation.

SICK offers the GHG-Control as a complete solution worldwide and includes all services from consultation and project engineering to commissioning and maintenance.

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