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7. November 2013

“Verified Safety” by SICK for safe machines and plants

Safety without any “ifs” or “buts” – this maxim makes SICK’s comprehensive safety service solutions a valuable help for anyone responsible for machine safety. SICK’s seal of quality, “Verified Safety,” documents the high level of consulting and engineering services.


Unfortunately, it often takes accidents or near-accidents to prompt checking for safety in production facilities. However, services offered by SICK in the area of “optimization and inspection” set in much earlier, prior to an accident occurring. Do benefit from the assessment of the actual safety level by independent experts.



Services for safe machinery

As a result of a plant walk-through, you will receive not only an overview of the current status but also recommendations as to how you can bring your facility up to the latest safety level. Using inspections by SICK allows checking or, if required, adapting the effect of the respective protective equipment. It does so with a view to the current use of the machine in accordance with the Act on Health and Safety at Work. The process also involves completion of necessary adjustment and cleaning work at the same time. This approach ensures not only the maintenance of safety but also the availability of the plant. If the relevant action revolves around implementation of safety-related measures when constructing machines, SICK supports you with consulting and engineering services. We will accompany you on the path toward CE conformity. Do benefit from our experience in risk analysis, preparation of a safety concept, implementation of a concrete safety solution, or in furnishing the required proof that you have implemented the safety functions in accordance with the requirements of the EU’s Directive on Machinery. Not least of all, this compliance provides you with legal security.


VERIFIED SAFETY – Seal of quality for SICK’s service solutions

SICK Verified Safety Logo

With the VERIFIED SAFETY seal of quality, SICK confirms that these services were performed and verified by certified employees and in accordance with defined processes. It documents in writing knowhow and process standards at SICK that are valid worldwide. The complete, data base-supported documentation can be traced and retrieved conveniently and at any time.


Much more added on top

Application and product expertise conveyed in comprehensible ways: With a large number of product-related user training courses, you will quickly and efficiently acquire the necessary knowledge. In this context, the courses offered by the “Training & Education” department also include seminars on CE labeling, product liability, machinery directives, or preparation of “liability-proof” operating instructions. Acting as trainers, our application engineers and service technicians not only convey theory but also provide advice derived from their own practical experience. With Safexpert, the tool connected to the CE process, we are offering you a means for processing the entire CE process in a structured way. From risk assessment to standards and document management, it is not only design engineers but also management that benefit from the systematic sequence of steps that the TÜV-certified software uses to guide through all phases of CE labeling. In this context, your projects always take into consideration the most up-to-date level the standard. Thus, repeat projects stay in conformity, for instance, since they are checked automatically for possible changes.



There are good reasons for safety services from SICK

The benefits of the service solutions from SICK speak for themselves. SICK guarantees the safety competence by means of sustained qualification programs involving continuous screening of the employees’ state of knowledge. This guarantees reproducible quality of results. Determined processes, a four-eyes principle, as well as traceable documentation establish legal security, for they always represent the latest demands on processes and safety assessments as stipulated by directives and standards. This method enables economical realization of safe machines and plants that can be accompanied with service solutions from a single source throughout all life cycles. The large number of safety specialists worldwide ensures regional proximity and quick presence. This safety expertise is confirmed by a large number of realized projects, showing SICK to be a reliable partner for investment-proof solutions.

With the safety-capable service solutions from SICK, manufacturers, distributors, and operators are always upto- date in terms of machine and plant safety. In addition, the service solutions give operators and machine manufacturers the possibility of being able to react flexibly to fluctuating order situations. As a result, it is not necessary to make provisions for corresponding resources, making it possible to avoid bottlenecks.


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