Fluid sensors

26. November 2012

Fluid sensors from SICK: Intelligent solutions for flow, pressure, temperature and level measurement

Whether for continuous level measurement, point level measurement , tough and precise flow measurement or universal temperature and pressure measurement – SICK offers a wide range of solutions for process engineering, storage and protection. Depending on the installation, characteristics of the liquid or solid, and ambient conditions, SICK provides a comprehensive product portfolio and a high level of expertise for more efficient processing. In our video we present our experts in the fields of pressure, level, temperature and flow sensors:

See our experts in the overview:

  1. Level sensor TDR-LFP Inox
  2. Laser volume flowmeter Bulkscan® LMS511
  3. Temperature sensor THTS
  4. Vibrating level switch LBV300
  5. Optical level switch MHF15
  6. Ultrasonic level sensor UP56
  7. Level sensor TDR-LFP Cubic
  8. Pressure switch PBS
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