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28. March 2013

Flexible distance measurement for applications up to 35 meters with new distance sensors Dx35

Compact construction size, great accuracy, perfect background suppression, reliable measurement on nearly any object surface, safety against ambient light, and no mutual influencing – in the portfolio of mid range distance sensors from SICK, even the entry-level series Dx35 delivers top performance and reliability.

Dx35 mid range distance sensor

The new product family is designed for distance measurement up to 12 meters on natural objects and up to 35 meters on reflective foil. In terms of measurement technology, the sensors use the high-resolution HDDM™ time-of-flight measurement method (High Definition Distance Measurement), which serves to achieve unique detection reliability and precision. Since the pulse sequence emitted by the distance sensors for measuring is coded, the Dx35 do not mutually influence each other. This constitutes an essential advantage, especially for use in the automobile industry and in warehousing and conveying systems. In these fields, the issues that matter above all are preventing collisions of shuttles or automated guided vehicles, checking occupancy of storage bays, or detecting small components from a greater distance.

Dx35 mid range distance sensor

Distance measurement without detection limits

No matter whether infrared or red light in laser classes 1 and 2 – the Dx35 product family offers the suitable emitted light for each application. In this connection, the sensor variants for measuring on natural objects provide top-level detection reliability and measuring precision, even in case of extremely acute angles as well as diverse surface properties and degrees of reflectance. Even on shiny objects, the Dx35 distance sensors deliver precise results, e.g. for continuous determination of diameter when rolling and unrolling aluminum or steel coils.


Dx35 mid range distance sensor

Moreover, the Dx35 product family also supplies sensors that are optimized for measuring on reflector foil and thus predestined for simpler positioning tasks. In applications where one can expect interferences through ambient light or reflections, the HDDM™ time-of-flight technology in all of the sensor types proves its high level of reliability.

Simple integration

DT35 mid range distance sensor

DT35 mid range distance sensor

Thanks to the compact housing and the optional diverse fastening technology, the DX35 distance sensors can be mounted and aligned without any problems. Teach-in takes place using a choice of control keys on the device, a multifunctional input, or IO-Link. Another highlight is the fact that the measuring and output range can be fixed within a range of 1 ms to 64 ms, resulting in the measuring behavior always being adjusted to the application in the optimum way. Depending on the desired automation, the whole range of possibilities are available for individual output of measured values in devices with analog and digital output including IO-Link or with two switching outputs and IO-Link for monitoring, diagnostic, and visualization options.



Dx35 – the compact and reliable distance sensor for distances of 12 and 35 meters, respectively.

Application example: Filling level and board detection with DT35

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