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29. May 2013

15 years of the customer magazine SICKinsight: New design on birthday

Within the new brand identity “THIS IS SICK Sensor Intelligence.” the customer magazine SICKinsight – print and online – now appears on its 15th birthday in entirely new design. Articles about sensor technology and the success stories from customers show, what “THIS IS SICK Sensor Intelligence.” is all about.


Just like company founder Erwin Sick years ago, we at SICK see ourselves as tinkerers and visionaries. For over 60 years, we have been developing innovative sensors that meet our customers’ continually new requirements. After all, with more than 2,000 patents, we rank among the technological and market leaders in the field of sensors.


THIS IS SICK Sensor Intelligence. Logo

The new brand communication: “THIS IS SICK Sensor Intelligence.”

Sensor technology is not just one but in fact the business of SICK. Sensors stand for contact of a machine with its environment. They resemble the sensory organs of machines, assisting, for instance, with their positioning or as well with the process of detecting objects or deciphering codes. The feedback machines receive from sensors make them intelligent machines. In order to be able to provide such feedback at all, sensors must be capable of processing the stimuli picked up from their environment in intelligent ways. At SICK, we equip machines with the capacity of intelligent seeing, detecting, and communicating. Therefore, we have made it our mission to optimize and continuously refine the acquisition and processing of stimuli by sensors. Thus, our customers can achieve production- related improvements on their machines and plants:



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Intelligent sensors for the future

“SICK Sensor Intelligence.” hits the mark every time: We concentrate on the area of sensor technology, and from this angle, we are permanently expanding our portfolio and the services we offer. Our entire portfolio stands out due to flexibility and economic efficiency. With respect to nearly all products, features adapt to users’ different wishes in terms of automation and convenience. Customers pay only for what they really need, thus optimizing their total operating costs and achieving the quickest possible amortization. That is another reason why our customers appreciate intelligent sensor technology from SICK and why in some sense, they acquire future security as well.

Intelligent and industry-specific sensor solutions

To users, the extensive breadth of our product range opens up complete solutions from a single source. We position our business in industry-specific ways in order to tailor our products and solutions in an even more well-directed fashion to the applications of our users. This optimizes design, procurement, and storage processes, enabling internal cost reductions and a great variety of process optimizations. Solutions from SICK are technologically open to the diverse requirements, for example, of automation and control systems. The fact that they feature intelligent sensor and connection concepts and allow for more availability makes them future-proof. This means that entirely without any electrical, mechanical, or software-related special effort, our solutions allow users easy integration into all common machine and control designs. The industry experts from SICK are insiders in a great variety of different industries. Together with our sales and product specialists, they work out proposals for solutions that are efficient both technically and economically – always with the aim of achieving the best solution for our customers. In doing so, they orient their consultation toward the requirements of  the respective task and not toward the possibilities of the broad spectrum of sensors and controllers from SICK.



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You can rely on sensor intelligence from SICK

Our customers know that they can rely on SICK as a long-term market partner. Not only by using our sensors but also precisely by means of our solution competence, users can accomplish innovative solutions for their tasks. For solution competence as we understand it is extensive – fulfilling exactly what saves effort on the part of users, reduces costs, increases safety, and guarantees economic efficiency. This added value is what “SICK Sensor Intelligence.” represents. Therefore, SICK is the top choice wherever the use of sensor technology becomes necessary in an assignment, or wherever the search is on for an improved solution to a task. “Keeping at it, not giving up, making the impossible possible”. – That is what connects us from SICK with our customers.  In the context of our new brand presence, “THIS IS SICK Sensor Intelligence.”, some of our customers explain why they opted for SICK and which kinds of challenges they were able to solve successfully by using our sensor intelligence. We got to know wonderful people, for example, from ASFiNAG in Graz or from Bosch Packaging Technology in Waiblingen, people who faced a great challenge. Exactly like we they are tinkerers who do not give up before solving a task. In the course of our joint projects, we had the privilege of learning how they mastered that challenge successfully.


  • Info: 15 years customer magazine SICKinsight:

    The first issue of our customer magazine, called SICK AKTUELL at the time, appeared parallel to the 1998 Hanover Trade Fair. The number was laid out in newspaper format and it comprised 16 pages. The shift from paper to magazine in 2002 involved a change of name and logo as well: SICK AKTUELL became SICKinsight. Very strictly speaking, the first issue of SICKinsight thus appeared in that year.

    SICKinsight not only reports on new products, services, and solutions from SICK but also presents the enterprise and its successes. Over the past 15 years, the magazine not only underwent a name change but also several modifications in design:


    Customer magazine SICK insight

    In May 2012, however, SICKinsight witnessed a very special change: Since then, the customer magazine has been available online, too. In the context of our new brand presence, “THIS IS SICK Sensor Intelligence.,” SICKinsight now appears on its 15th birthday in entirely new design.


    Customer magazine SICK insight

    The customer magazine’s new design


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