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25. April 2014

Explosion protection: FID gas warning device from SICK is the only one which meets the latest standard

Solvents are used e.g. in paint shops and coating lines and being disposed in exhaust air decontamination systems. This process creates gas mixtures, the concentration of which must be analyzed to prevent them from becoming dangerous. The EuroFID3010 total hydrocarbon gas analyzer measures within seconds the low explosion level (LEL) of solvents and air/gas mixtures and is the only FID gas warning device which takes measurements in accordance with the latest EN 50271 standard.

Gaswarngeraet EuroFID3010

Gesamtkohlenwasserstoff-Analysator EuroFID3010

The analyzer is connected to the system via a flange. The sample probe is therefore located directly in the process area. Its tried-and-tested flame ionization detector allows the organic components of the gas sample to be continually fed transformed into a hydrogen flame. During this chemical and physical process, ionization of the molecules takes place, resulting in the creation of an electrical current. This signal is proportional to the hydrocarbon concentration, and is analyzed electronically.



The EuroFID3010 continually takes measurements without moving parts. An ejector pump is used for sampling instead of a mechanical pump. Wear and mechanical failures are therefore not an issue. This leads to lower maintenance costs. All of the device components which carry gas, right up to the analysis chamber, are continuously heated in order to prevent condensation forming inside the analyzer unit. Rapid sampling via the ejector pump and the measurement principle itself ensure a short response time (T90), meaning that changes in the process can be quickly recognized and responded to.


The EuroFID3010 is modular and can be configuerd in a system consisting of the following components: analyzer unit, control unit, and terminal box. Additional options, such as the Ex 1 industrial enclosure, enable the system to be adapted to handle challenging tasks.



Analyzer unit with control unit and terminal box

The inline version of the analyzer unit is installed directly in the process via the flange. The terminal box supplies the power to the analyzer unit. The control unit can be installed at a distance of up to 500 m from the analyzer unit. It provides a display and offers the option to enter parameters and output measured values.


The EuroFID can be installed in Ex Zones 1 and 2 by Version in industrial enclosure for Ex Zones 1 and 2using the Ex 1 industrial enclosure. In this case, the terminal box is located in the enclosure along with the analyzer unit. The system can be fitted with an air conditioning unit. The control unit is installed in a safe area at a distance of up to 500 m from the analyzer unit.



Version in industrial enclosure for Ex Zones 1 and 2

The EuroFID3010 is the only FID currently on the market which meets the requirements of the standard as a FID gas warning device. Therefore, measuring the lower explosion limit of solvent-contaminated air with EuroFID3010, is the safest way.



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