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3. April 2014

Explosion protection: Access protection in the paint shop at automotive supplier Assan Hanil

Assan Hanil is one of the leading automobile suppliers in Turkey. The company produces automotive accessories in its 30,000 m2 factory. For the protection of personnel in the paint shop’s hazardous area Assan Hanil has opted to use the C4000 Fusion safety light curtain with ATEX marking II 3G/3D.

Assan Hanil

The requirement: safe differentiation between people and materials with just one sensor

The front and rear bumpers are given their final form and completed in four different areas of the paint shop, and all of these are potentially explosive areas. Four robots are involved in the production process to transport the different size bumpers in the input and output areas. If a person enters this hazardous area, the robots must cease operation immediately.


Assan Hanil

Assan Hanil turned to SICK in their search for a safety solution which meets these requirements. It is essential that the solution can differentiate between people and material. The automatic transport of the bumpers in and out of the hazardous area must not be negatively affected. System performance and process efficiency must not be impaired in this area. At the same time, maximum availability and safety must be ensured. As there is a risk of explosion, ATEX marking is required for the sensor.


C4000 Fusion meets all needs

The unique construction of the C4000 Fusion convinced Assan Hanil to use the safety light curtain from SICK . The safety light curtain, which is mounted horizontally at the entrance and exit of the paint shop is not only able to reliably distinguish between people and machines, but it is also able to identify the different types of bumper, without needing to access the program. If a standard muting system was used, the different bumper sizes would have led to a system failure. And this is exactly where the strengths of the C4000 Fusion come into play: the C4000 Fusion focuses on the width of the transport arm and the distance between the arms, which allows it to differentiate between people and incoming bumpers without any additional sensors.


C4000 Fusion Safety light curtain

C4000 Fusion Safety light curtain


On the safe side thanks to ATEX certification

This application fulfills not only the basic safety requirement, it also ensures system efficiency and safety at the highest level. The intelligently designed mounting devices allow Assan Hanil to quickly complete the necessary mounting steps, thus saving both time and money. The safety light curtain also has a high detection tolerance for interference objects. Another crucial feature is the ATEX marking II 3G/3D of the C4000 Fusion, type 4 as well as certification according to IEC 61496 and SIL 3 according to IEC 61508. This means that user is also on the safe side when it comes to legal requirements.


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